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 Coco Bean is my girl.  A total mama's princess.  

She was 6 weeks old when we brought her (and her litter made Maxie Doodle) home.  Again, they were found in an ad for "free" puppies.  She is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix.

To say that Jack did not like them, was an understatement.  He thought they were cats because they were so tiny.  For 2 weeks, we had to keep the puppies in the laundry room away from Jack.  The big Moose even tried to head butt his way in so he could eat them!

Finally, Jack warmed up to them, especially CoCo.  She was a ball of fur!  

At about 3 months old, CoCo and Jack were playing, running through the house, and Jack slid on the tile floor, and landed his big butt on CoCo.  My son was home (he was homeschooled) and saw the whole thing.

When Jack got up, CoCo did not.  My son rushed to her side and she was not breathing.  Panicked, my son called me at work and I rushed home.  Meanwhile, my son, the Animal Planet lover that he is, gave CoCo mouth to snooter resuscitation!  By the time I got home and we got her to the vet, she was fine.

She also developed Demodectic mange at 9 months old.  She looked horrible.  But within 3 months she was cured and has not had any further problems.

CoCo is a fierce girl.  The German Shepherd in her seems to always come out in the form of teeth.  Her temper seems to be getting worse with age and she cannot be out at the same time as Mya.  They have a hate/hate relationship. It started shortly after Mya's puppies were weaned and gone.  Who knows what causes it, but I've got plenty of scars from breaking the two girls apart.

Until 2009, CoCo ruled the house as the alpha dog.  She kept tight reign on everyone.  But now, not so much.  I guess it is because she is getting older.  Still, it is very hard to see her letting Mya take over as alpha.

CoCo has several nicknames:  Busy, Business, Smoko, Bossy

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