Koova Bleu 2006-2009

 Here is our Koova Bleu as a pup.  Koova was our first husky.  We had no idea about the breed, but when we saw him, we were in love.  We got him at 12 weeks old from a backyard breeder who could not sell him and just needed him gone.  He actually cost us $40.  

My son had always "wanted" a husky, but like so many people it was based on how they looked.  Thankfully, we were ready for the challenge!

Koova quickly became my son's best friend.  Their relationship was instant and special.  It's not that we do not love all our babies, but sometimes there is that "heart" dog.  The one you know will change your life and way of thinking.

We were quickly in love with the breed.  Of course, I wanted my "own" Siberian girl!  

When Mya Boo Boo came into our lives, it was obvious that she and Koova had that special spark.  She was a small puppy, but Koova was smitten.  It was like they knew that they were the same breed...special.

Then, came the puppies.  Koova and Mya had one litter of 7 beautiful and healthy puppies.  It was not intentional, but still, they were wanted and loved. 

Koova wasn't too interested in his kids, but his love for Mya was still strong.  I'm so glad that we took a lot of pictures of the two of them.  Because, the photos show their love.

 Koova died in August of 2009, while we were in the process of moving.  He choked on something in his crate and by the time we found him, it was too late.  It was shocking and one of the most painful memories of my entire life.  It also sent my son into an emotional tailspin for quite a while.  (Then, just 3 months later we lost another pet).

Koova leaves behind the legacy of love, compassion, and trust.  He gave it to us in abundance.

And we will never forget him.

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Koova and Mya Valentine's 2009

Koova and Mya Valentine's 2009
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