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Our sweet Jack.  He's getting old now, and much more mellow.

We found Jack in an ad for a "free" dog.  I told my son, who was about 8 years old, that we were just looking.  I wasn't ready for a pet...so I thought.

Jack was around 6 months old, tied to a chain that was about 6 feet.  The owner unhooked Jack and he ran straight to our car and jumped in the open door.  And that was that.

My son and Jack have a special relationship, being that they have grown up together.  Jack is stubborn and always wanted to be THE dog.  Jack also has (or had) a very short temper.  He and my son would go round and round, wrestling, while Jack tried to bite Nick.  I don't think he ever meant to hurt him, but Jack had obviously been abused in his first 6 months of life.

Jack has been our watchdog, our brother, son, and best friend.

Now, as he slips into his golden years, he has arthritis, declining vision and hearing, and a lack of energy.  But he is still our boy.  He always will be.

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