Friday, June 20, 2008

My Broken Heart

It is with extreme sadness that I tell you of the death of Chico/Chocolate drop.

The pups will turn 3 months tomorrow, but not this little guy. His owners called me a while ago and told me he had to be put to sleep just about an hour ago (it's 6:26pm now) due to Parvo. Apparently they had it in their yard and didn't know it. Chico, as they called him, just started showing symptoms today. He was taken to the vet and the family was advised that huskies do not do well with recovering from Parvo, especially puppies. Chico was in a great deal of pain with a temp of over 106. The family made the difficult decision with heavy hearts.

This little guy was always the sweetest boy! He was solid white with only dark brown ears, thus the nickname Chocolate Drop. I know his new family took great care of him and gave him lots sof love. Their family is in agony at this moment. But I know this little guy was happy. I thank Leah for loving him.

Please, everyone take a moment to hold your new pups. Kiss their little wet noses, pull on their fluffy tails and chase them thru the house. They are so precious....

I know my tears will stop eventually. And it may sound crazy, but I think Mya knows. She was in here with me just before I got the call, and she seemed sad.

I must go now. God bless you all.


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Regina said...

I am so sorry to hear about this loss. I have already hugged Bandit and played with him, but I'm going to do it again right now. My heart goes out to the new family as well as to Sherri, Nick, Mya, and Koova.

From Regina (Bandit's mom)

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends!!

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