Monday, September 8, 2008

Been a while...

I hope things are going well for everyone who reads this post. Right now I'm worrying about one of the pups..turns out that the family's circumstances have changed and they can no longer keep him. I am praying she will give him back to me and not try to sell/give him to someone else. I swear, Mya will never have more puppies. I can't take the agony of worrying about my babies! So, I'm praying...praying for help and guidance...for strength and endurance.

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Anonymous said...

Sherri I want you to know that this post offends me. You have not offered to give back the money you took from me in order that I might consider giving the dog back. I feel you are acting very inconsiderately and thinking only about what you need.
I can't afford to give him away anymore than you could. When we took Jedi you told me you have decided to get rid of him because you felt you could not give him the time and attention he needed.

I can't bear the idea of Jedi returning to be in a cate all day long. The fact that he had never even been out in the grass before he came to live here still really bothers me.
I don't think it is in his best interest to return there. I contacted you as a kindness thinking you might know someone who would have a suitable home for him.
You need to give the people who have adopted your dogs more credit that we have the love and best interest of our pets in mind.

Also I want to add that it is a little creepy how clingy you act about the animals. I consder Jedi to be my pet I gave you the apodtion fee you ask for and took responsibilty for him. No one wants to own a pet and have the previous owner hover this much over everything.
I feel protective of Jedi at this point...I don't want him to have to get readjust to living there again while you find a new home for him. It just all really comes across like you want to be in charge so that you can make sure that the new person who gets him will comply with your wishes.
Please don't write post about me again...I have resolved this issue and sent you an email through yahoo...we will be keeping Jedi....Sherry Steele

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