Thursday, September 25, 2008

CoCo runs the house!

This is Princess CoCo Bean. She was puppy #2 to join our household. She was born in 2005--Maxie Doodle is actually her brother from the same litter...we'll get to him a bit later--so she is 3 years old now.

CoCo was so tiny she would literally fit in one hand at 5 weeks! She was a fiesty girl, that's for sure. She and Jack didn't get along for about 3 weeks...I really believe Jack thought she and Maxie Doodle were cats or something. Anyway, he tried to eat them on more than one occasion!

Once she and Jack became comfortable with each other, their love grew! Oh yes, she and Jack have been in love for this whole time! CoCo has him wrapped around her paw! He will give up his food, his water, his bone and his spot on the bed for her. That's true love!

There was a day when she was about 3 months old that she and Jack were playing. My son was home sick from school---which was a blessing---because somehow Jack's hefty butt landed on her..very hard. CoCo was unconscious and not breathing by the time my son (then 13) got to her. Being an avid watcher of Animal Planet, he knew how to give mouth to snout. After about 3 breaths she barfed up and began to come around. My son was really hysterical, ran across the street where his little girlfriend lived and had her call me at work. I rushed home---flashers on going well over the speed limit---and hoping if I was pulled over it would be by an animal lover!!! We rushed her to the hospital and she checked out ok.

Then just about 3 months later, Jack landed on her AGAIN and hurt her leg! Again, the vet said it was just a sprain. I think that's when CoCo began taking charge OVER Jack! Baby girl had enough!

CoCo is a big barker for her 20 pounds. She and Mya BooBoo do NOT get along. They have to be separated at all costs. I think it's mainly CoCo's doing. She's jealous of Mya, since they are the only girls. Mya is about 35 pounds and much taller, but CoCo whips her every time!

My CoCo is part German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd--so we were told. She and Maxie Doodle were given to us...CoCo is very scared of thunder, loud noises, flies, and not happy with strangers. She's a little neurotic. She'll shake like a taco bell doggie! But almost every night she sleeps under my bed and during the night she somehow ends up curled up in my hair!

I love my busy business....she's definitely my girl.

Thanks for getting to know CoCo!


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