Sunday, September 14, 2008


I hope everyone survived the awful hurricane. I can't imagine it myself. Of course, we don't have hurricanes....we do have tornados in Tennessee/Georgia. Some are really bad. I guess I am just blessed that I've not experienced a major disaster as of yet. I hope I never do.

I often wonder how in the world I'd be able to get my furbabies to safety....especially since they don't all get along! If I can drive somewhere, it wouldn't be as bad. I have an SUV so they can all fit in there.....including my son who is 6'6" and weighs a good stout 300lbs.

It just worries me.

On a bright note, I hear some good weather is coming. At least that was the forecast today! I'm ready for fall and winter! I'm not much of a summer person because I don't like to sweat. Silly, I know. Plus I have some health issues that prevent me from actually staying in the sun very long. But during the colder months, me and my gang of bandits are out and about! More walking! More long drives!!!...depending on gas prices....Just doing more.

Nick and Kelsey had a great time last night. So did all the dogs. Everyone slept great!

Take care my friends and God bless.

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