Tuesday, March 10, 2009

48 Hour Lockdown: The MBB saga continues.

Hello everyone! It's Maxie Doodle-Butt here again.

Does this look like the face of a felon? A thief?

Poor Mya Boo Boo was doing so good! She was on a work release program so she could be out of jail...but then............It was just horrible.

Mommy had just put the dinner on the table...pork chops....Alfredo noodles....veggies....(do woo see where this is headed?).....Never has any furrie in the house done anything like the Boo Boo....


Yes, you read correctly. Specifically, she sat her furry tail in hooman brother's plate. It was so horrible to watch....like slow motion! She jumped..........she landed...........she SAT. **shivers**

So for now, Mya Boo Boo is again, in jail. She is in total lockdown! Poor girl. Sure the alfredo noodles were the same color (more or less) than her furry tail....and sure, mommy scrubbed the pork chops....and rewashed the veggies. But, dinner was just not worth it.
The jail does not have internet, so she is banned from all outside communications. If woo see her on America's Most Wanted, please don't turn her in! She's still young and I will help her turn her life of crime around!
PS...Tinkerbell, I thought woo had another cyber boyfriend....and it broke my little heart. I still wuv woo!!!
PSS...If Tink doesn't forgive me, I'm still looking!!
PSSS....But I would love to have my Tinkerbell.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Awww, poor Mya, she just can't help herself can she? Good luck with your rehabilitation programme, hehe!
Slobbers xx

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Did she see the Washington Woos post yesterday about jumping up on tables? Very Naughty MBB. I have to say though, I might try it too if I could jump up on the table. At least snag some pork chops.

Hang in there MBB.


The Thundering Herd said...

Er, MBB, wasn't that the wrong in you stuck in the plate? Snootering pork chops we understand; sitting in them???

Princess Eva and Brice, the Duke of Destruction said...

Thundering Herd is right! You don't sit in the food! It for eating!!!
Or at least licking (I licked the holiday turkey).


Mochi and Mommy said...

BOL, I agree with everyone, you supposed to eat it, not sit in it. Want me to help you break out of jail?


Team Husky said...

Oh my dogness ~ MBB is a fury fury naughty girl.....a true Siberian!!!!

We won't turn MBB in, we'd miss her too much!

Can we make a special request? Can Jedi or Koova make a post each since MBB's in jail? We'd love to hear from all of woo!!!

Team Husky

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Oh, Mya Boo Boo! We wood be sad fur woo if we wuz not laffing so hard!

Woo iz a sillee gurl!

Gus and Waldo

Raising Addie said...


Oh no... what is going on Mya Boo Boo!

We are so sad that you are locked up.

We are loving how you didn't just steal the food but jumped on the table and sat in it.

What are you trying to tell your humans??

Wait... I think we know. There was something in that meal that was going to make your family sick right. That is why you did that. It has to be!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Shmoo said...

Maya... once you are out of lockup and can access the computer again, please e-mail me at: Meeshkaworld@gmail.com and give me your e-mail address so that I can send you your HULA certificate. You are now on the coveted HULA list and your wonderful deeds highlighted on my blog tonight.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Tank Woo!

Yet another post that drives up MY stokhk with The Doggy Nanny!

Since she just returned home after being away for SIX weeks, this will SOOOOO get me BIG points!

Khongrats MBB!


The OP Pack said...

OH dear, MBB, what did woo do? Did woo forget which end was up? Woo are supposed to eat that food, not sit in it. Once woo get out of jail, try again!!!

Tail wags, the OP Pack

GoldenSamantha said...

I'd get rehab in a NY minute if I did that, but guess what? I might just go for a buncha yummers pork choppies - oh my, yes I might if no one was looking! Hooey am I cornfused - I would hate jail, but... Hope you get furloughed soon

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Oh Mya! You poor poor thing.I feel so sorry for you, locked up and you didn't even get the food! You should of grabbed the food first, that way you would have had a descent meal for all of your troubles!
-Kira The beaWootiful

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Way to go Mya! I totally support this behavior. I bet you saw my most recent post and just decided to try it on your own table. I'll tell you though, it helps if you just do it outside and when there is not any food.


PS. Congrats on your HULA award!

Kapp pack said...

We were just telling your mom earlier how this was HULA hoop worthy! Congrats!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Lorenza said...

OMD! MBB! If I had the chance, I would do the same as you, I mean, jump on the table and eat all that yummy food but I don't think I would think about sitting on it!
Sorry you are again in jail!
Kisses and hugs

Cyber-sibes said...

Congrats on your HULA qualifying episode - now that took some real chutzpah!
Can we write to woo in jail?

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Huskee and Hershey said...

Poor Mya Boo Boo... Hmmm.. the jail term would have been more 'worthwhile' if she ate the food rather than sat on them, don't you think?

Psst: Mya, should I send you a 'get out of jail' card??

Suzuki said...

Hi Maxie Doodle-Butt!
Thanks fur stopping by ;)
I hope you and Tinkerbell work things out... If not, you know where to find me BOL
Big licks to you

Ruby and Penny said...

We can't belive that Mya Boo Boo would do such a thing. You have to show pictures before we will believe it.
Love Ruby & Penny

Nibbles Treats said...

Oh Doodle. I was going to hold off posting... you know, playing the cold shoulder game... but you got me with your caring heart towards Mya Boo Boo. Poor Girl!

I don't know how a long distance relationship will last. I understand your wanting to cat around on me. You really are just a man... need I say more?

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Chester's Mom said...

Hi Mya BooBoo! I wanted to introduce myself earlier but thought it would be in bad taste because of Bogart's dad. I know you have visited me on occasion and somehow I never made it to check you out. You are one gorgeous K9 hunka woman! I could get lost in your eyes! And I am here now to spring you outta your cell. I think you have been sentenced unfairly. I believe you sat on the food to keep it warm until they were ready to eat. You should be getting a medal of honor, not a jail sentence. You coulda ended up with an alfredo noodle in the wrong place and the next thing they'd be carting you off to the vet thinking you had worms. It took alot of courage to take a risk like that. Hopefully they will see this as an act of valor and shorten your sentence.
Until then, brush up on your reading skills!
Woofs and slobbers!

Mason Dixie said...

What if she got a job with the Snuggle Puggle and she can be put on a work release program? good luck. =)

Lady Kaos said...

Oh no!!!! I hope Mya Boo Boo gets over what ever is bugging her soon!!! It would be horrible if she never got out of jail!

Holly said...

Well done!!! If Queen Meeshka is impressed, you are on the right track!!!! Congrats on your HULA membership!!

Holly and Khady

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