Monday, January 11, 2010

A story of neglect, cruelty, and hope.

This is a story I heard about via Facebook. It just breaks my heart. If you want to read more, check out my FB page and click on the link. You can also donate.

Also, this shows the great work some of our own DWB members do, who use their own time, vehicles, and money to transport dogs to their forever homes. These ladies are so selfless and kind. No one can know the value of their generosity unless you have personally experienced the love of a shelter dog. Or looked into the eyes of a dog who, without helpers like this, might not have ever met their new families. I just want to say thank you! And we all know who you are!!! God bless you for the work you do and the love you have for man's (and woman's) best friend.

Husky Mom and her Puppies... half her puppies froze to death!
Update 1/7/10:

We wanted to let everyone know that Chris and Meghan have officially named the Momma and her 4 remaining puppies. We have named the momma Salvation, or Sally for short. The puppies are Joy, Serenity, Hope, and Faith. We thought the names were fitting, and wanted them to have a great start to a great new life.

Update 1/6/10:

We sadly got word today that the momma lost one more of her puppies. The small white pup all the way to the left in the pictures is the one that did not make it. The four remaining puppies seem to be doing well, but the fifth never really thrived, due to their hard beginning.

We also have a transport in place to pick these guys up on Saturday. With any luck, they should be warm and safe and with their new foster by Sunday night.

We are still accepting donations in the form of money or supplies. If you have old towels, dog beds, blankets, canned puppy food, bags of dry puppy food, milk replacer, newspaper, or anything else you think would help this family, please drop an email to and ask for the address to mail the supplies to.


Update: 1/3/10

Note: The very last picture can be offending to some, please do not view if you feel that you prefer not to see dead puppies (I did not post this one)

These pups and momma dog are located in NC.

This is the email we received from the rescue we are taking her from:

“I received a call yesterday evening, 010210, from a man that had taken his neighbor's dog and her puppies. He said that he noticed that she was pregnant about two weeks ago. He finally was able to get Animal Control to come out on his neighbors a couple of months ago since the dog had been tied up at the tree without any coverage, she was exposed to rain, etc. Animal control had them to put in a dog house for her then that was the end. He, the man that contacted me, put in pine straw for her when he found out that she was pregnant and been keeping an eye on her. He is out of a job and could not afford to take the dog and care for her himself. The first picture was taken from his back yard showing her dog house.

The man that called me had checked on her yesterday and found this situation.

He thinks the dog had her pups on New Years day since the day before was the last time he had checked on her. He found over half of the pups dead, frozen to death. He took the dog and put her on his enclosed back porch and then started calling for help. We were his last hope since one organization told him to walk away!

I visit and took these pics and took some can and dry food. Went back later and took a lot of more can and dry food, and a nicer place for her to stay in on the porch, and made sure that he would hold her and the pups until we could find a rescue group to take them. He understood that they can not be move right now and he is okay with this as long as we provide the food for her. It was a situation hat he said he could not turn his back on and will work with us. I feel he will do what is right to help.

The mom is a very skinny, husky mix with one blue and one brown eye. Very sweet and scared. By looking at her teeth, she appears to be around a year old, and probably her first liter of pups.”

We got the email and immediately agreed to take in the mom and her remaining 5 puppies. She has no vetting, and neither do her puppies. We will need to arrange a special transport, for just her and the pups, so they do not have to endure a transport with other dogs. This momma has been stressed out enough already.

The transport alone will be rather expensive, since it will be just for this momma and pups. We will then need to vet the momma, and all the puppies.

Her story broke our hearts, and we are so glad that we’re able to help. If you can donate anything to this sad family, please donate through the urgent dog fund above, and note that it is for the Husky Family.

We also need supplies to give to the foster mom that will be taking in this family. If anyone has things to donate, such as towels and blankets, puppy food, milk replacer, newspaper, a whelping box, food dishes, etc, please drop us an email to and we can give you the address to send the supplies to, and we will pass them along to the foster. Thank you!

We will post new pictures as soon as we have them.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing this one...

It is sad yet hopeful...


Cyber-sibes said...

We will hold beautiful mama & her pups in our thoughts & pawrayers. And God Bless the kind neighbor who took her in, and the rescuers for saving her from an awful life.

a-roos to yuous,
jack a-roo

JackDaddy said...

I can't go look at the Facebook page cause I don't think I can handle the sadness right now!

Thank you for taking care of these puppies!!

Huskee and Hershey said...

The 2nd pic you posted simply broke my heart... the one of the mommma cuddling her pups. The maternal look on her face and her body language touched me in so many ways. Really hope that this brave momma and her little ones will all go to lovely homes and will always have a roof over their heads and food to warm their stomachs.

Huskee's momma

Kayla said...

Mum is crying at this one she can not believe how heartless some dog owners can be. Hope mom and pups are now doing well.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends!!

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